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1/18/2021 : 2:07 pm : +0100

People-oriented or Society-oriented?


People-oriented or Society-oriented?

—A Theorized World of People and Society Putting Each Other at the Center

                                                      Deng Weizhi

Abstract: Socialization refers to the transition from natural man to social man and is unique to human beings. Human socialization is boundless. Every social man is the gene of and plays a major role in the society. Humans are the foundation of society. Society must center on people, and the government should always care about the people, serve them and be accountable to them. Social progress inevitably requires some people to obtain less benefits and even make sacrifice. People can also put society at the center, which, in the final analysis, is determined by human nature. People live in society, and society consists of people. Whether society puts people first or people puts society at the center, their purposes are consistent with each other, that is, to improve the human and social civilization, which is the hallmark distinguishing people today and the human ancestors.


Keywords: human, human nature, society, social norms